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Everything DiSC : personality test, understanding oneself, others and stretch behaviour to become a better team or manager

How can you do this? By better understanding your behavioural preferences and those of others.

Discover the DiSC personality test at work that is simple but not simplistic. Did you know there is an entire application suite? Each distinct Everything DiSC application helps learners understand themselves and others better, as a team, manager, salesperson, leader or in conflict situations.

This makes relations easier to manage, differences easier to bridge and business success easier to achieve. It fosters a culture of collaboration, where people connect and experience the benefits of a positive mindset, helping you build more effective working relationships by understanding different behavioral styles.

Everything DiSC test and applications simply explained

The Everything DiSC personality test at work

DiSC personality test: the profile, the comparison, versatile training workshops. Understand how others perceive you and what DiSC languages they adopt. 

Find out what Everything DiSC can do for you

Learn about the origins and fundamentals of DiSC: watch an interview with one of the players in the DiSC world. Understand the models included in the profile report and other DISC tools


Using Everything DiSC in just a few steps

Take the test | Receive your personal report explaining your behavioural preferences | Apply and practice the suggested solutions| Continue learning about myeverythingdisc

DiSC resources available for free myeverythingdisc.com

Access the interactive portal from any device and connect to your profile, practical illustrations and also discover comparison profiles to use with all your colleagues. 

With Five Behaviors, the team creates an effective working culture of communication and collaboration

Do you sometimes think your team can do better? Five Behaviors is powered by the DiSC personality test bundled with a team performance test and a unique learning experience that helps your team discover what it takes to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage of teamwork.

The assessment-based programme focuses on putting The Five Behaviors™ model into practice. There are two versions of the programme, either powered by Everything DiSC® or All Types™ (mbti), helping your team better understand how individual personalities contribute to team development.

Five Behaviors explained simply

Discover what Five Behaviors is and and what it can mean for you

Discover what the Five Behaviors team performance test, profile report and tools do : the fundamental 5 Behaviors.

Use Five Behaviors
in 5 simple steps

1-Take a Five Behaviors test. 2-Receive your team report. 3-Apply & practice. 4-Receive a follow-up report and more

Find out more about Research on Five Behaviors, reliability & validity

Discover what research tells us about reliability and validity of the Five Behaviors assessment. See your benefits.


How long does it take to complete the assessment and how long does it take to receive it once completed?

Ideally, you should provide instinctive answers to the Everything DiSC questions, based on who you are. Following this approach, an Everything DiSC Workplace assessment takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. The time required will vary depending on the type of profile and your responses that may trigger the adaptive testing capabilities of the assessment algorithm. Once the questionnaire is completed, the profile report is generated – you will have access to it immediately, or later if the facilitator withholds it until the DiSC Team Workshop date.

Is DiSC for small companies, large companies, individuals, teams?

There are six profiles in the Everything DiSC range. The basic Workplace profile is suitable for use by anyone at any level in an organisation. Everything DiSC Management and Work of Leaders are intended for those who have direct reports or lead a team. An even more specific profile such as Everything DiSC Sales provides valuable information to anyone who is responsible for selling to customers, whether external or internal. The Everything DiSC range of profiles has been used successfully by organisations of all sizes. Self-awareness and interpersonal skills are essential to the development of a team, no matter how big or small!

The assessment is online, is it also available on paper?

The Everything DiSC assessment is administered via an online portal called EPIC, which uses adaptive testing technology: the questionnaire adapts to the variance in responses given by the respondent. The profile report is more accurate and personalised. Everything DiSC is the only DISC assessment that incorporates adaptive testing. Alternatively, a paper-based assessment still exists, but it is almost 50 years old. The accuracy is not the same.

How do I know if my DiSC profile will be compatible with my team?

The Everything DiSC profile suggests “core principles”, such as: all DiSC styles are equally valuable; each individual is a mixture of the four main styles; and you are more than your DiSC style. The profiles aim to create self-awareness and provide strategies to better manage relationships. When you discover where your preference lies on the DiSC map and what that means in relation to the rest of their team, the strengths and limitations of each style are known, better understood and respected. Each individual is then equipped to adapt their behaviour to the needs of their team members and to create a more effective working environment, one relationship at a time.

What can I expect from my team after we have done DiSC?

DiSC is a valuable tool for creating better interactions and greater commitment in an organisation, from the bottom up. In a DiSC session, the team will be provided with resources to enable each person to take ownership of their working relationships and better understand their own needs and how they differ from others. As you become more aware of your own needs, those of colleagues and how to meet them, you are likely to improve trust, respect and openness between team members. A large body of research shows that increasing the level of trust and collaboration in a team or organisation has a positive effect on business results.

How can we ensure that the learning continues beyond the workshop or DISC session?

DiSC is effective in creating a common language about behaviour within a team or organisation. The profile uses objective and neutral terminology to enable team members to talk about how their behaviour is perceived and how it affects the team dynamics. It is important to keep this language alive by incorporating it into team meetings, individual interviews with leaders, performance reviews, etc. Additional tools, such as the Everything DiSC comparison report and the MyEverythingDiSC.com online platform support teams in maintaining the DiSC culture by allowing colleagues to compare their behavioural preferences and find practical tips for interacting more effectively in common work scenarios.

Comment puis-je faire DiSC avec mon équipe une fois que j'ai assisté à un atelier DiSC?
disc partners propose une formation de deux jours de certification DiSC. Des sessions sont régulièrement organisées, également en ligne. Cette formation de certification vous fournit les bases théoriques du profil Everything DiSC, vous permet de vous exercer à débriefer le profil et propose des modèles conceptuels et des activités utiles pouvant être intégrés à une session DiSC. Nous vous fournissons un soutien continu : vous êtes toujours le bienvenu pour nous contacter ou pour discuter de la manière dont vous envisagez d’organiser une session de formation à venir. En savoir plus sur la Everything DiSC Certification
I have heard that there are several versions of DiSC, are they all the same?

The short answer is no, they are not all the same. The DiSC assessment has been around since the 1950s. Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions has invested considerable resources and research effort to develop the tool into a modern, scientifically valid and reliable instrument. The support of a publisher like Wiley has taken DiSC to levels where it has never been before! For a more detailed answer to this question, please see our blog, DiSC is not the same as DISC).

How to manage DiSC profiles and send invitations for evaluation?

EPIC is the online platform used to administer Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors profiles. disc partners can create an EPIC account for your organisation so that you can send evaluation links to participants, generate profile reports, issue access to myeverythingdisc.com and track profile usage data, among other things. EPIC uses credits, a virtual currency. This currency can be purchased from disc partners and will be deducted from your account depending on the type of profile you generate.